The new thing about HR-tech is Chatbots

HRMS has been a commonplace term for over three decades now but the industry keeps evolving at a rapid pace and has become so much more than what it was in its initial years. It migrated the HR department from paper to computers and then we saw a complete revolution with the advent of cloud-based technologies in HR. The scope of HR systems is expansive and is expected to contribute more to organizational success with the role of HR becoming more prominent and significant.
The newest revolution in the field of HR solutions has been brought by Chabots. In the efforts of reducing time, increasing efficiency and optimizing solutions, a need of automating regular tasks were realized and this gave rise to Chatbots. In HRMS too, Chatbots have automated a large portion of regular tasks that would typically consume a great amount of time in an HR’s day.
I. Responding to employee queries, much of which would be repetitive, used to be one of the tedious jobs of HR that could easily be automated and hence, this was the first area where Chatbots were used. Today, several large organizations are using this automation to answer employee queries in policies, leave balances, benefits, payroll, IT support, etc.
II. Recruitment is one of the major responsibilities of an HR and, also, one of the most exhaustive ones. Quickly, portions of the recruitment process were recognized that could be automated and hence, today we have chatbots that help with screening candidates through automated chats. A test can also be easily administered to a candidate and the responses evaluated in the blink of an eye. This saves a great amount of time, effort, and paper (go-green!).
III. Performance Management is an area that saw a major shift due to chatbots. It used to be this long, tedious, and boring process employees would go through that made absolutely no sense to anyone due to lack of transparency. However, with the introduction of chatbots, it is easy and engrossing. You submit your reviews by chatting on your device and view clear dashboards and feedbacks received.
IV. Employee-engagement is always a top priority for HR leaders and for that they needed to come closer to the employees and be approachable. This was facilitated by the mobile adoption of major HR tools. Now, employees and HRs can reach out to each other through their mobile phones even on-the-go.
However, like everything else, chatbots also come with their set of shortcomings. One of the major challenges is information security. The question of data security is important now more than ever and in this case, you need to be extremely cautious with tools that handle your employees’ personal data.
Another is its ability to understand queries and come up with the best possible answer without compromising any legal boundaries. Organizations also need to evaluate the scalability of such chatbots since there is a huge one-time cost of IT transformation and you cannot change it frequently.
Chatbots are extremely promising tools in streamlining an organizations efforts in employee engagement, recruitment, performance management, team development, and a lot more. In not so far future, chatbots can be seen as an integral part of any organization’s HR strategy and hence, the sooner you get familiar with them, the easier the transformation will be for you.