Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

The quickest way to customer satisfaction is through dependable, excellent service. As companies contend for competitive advantage, many find that refining service quality and customer satisfaction can be intangible. It has been observed that actively engaged employees are extremely loyal towards their organization and are always ready to walk that extra mile to ensure success for their company.
As employees are considered the internal customers of an organization,their satisfaction level plays an important role in keeping the company in good health. When they are satisfied, it is obvious that they will treat the external customers including buyers and end users in the best possible manner.
What’s the key to success – employees or customers? Of course, they are both true. There is not just one ingredient to business success, there are several. Too much focus on one or two of these areas while ignoring the others is a recipe for failure. So while the advice to focus on employees and customers are both true, it can be misleading if you take it to mean that you should only focus on one or the other.
While every organization and every employee is different, there are some general areas to consider when trying to build both client and employee satisfaction.
Aligning Customer Service with Organisational Goals: When customer service personnel and other staff in the organization are aware of their individual goals in alignment with those of the organization, they are naturally more engaged and enthusiastic in their work. Organizational goals that are clearly visible, achievable and makes its staff accountable for the end result will make employees take the onus of their realization.
Hire Good Employees: Building high levels of employee and customer satisfaction starts with building a good team. Good teams cooperate to reach shared goals.
Immediate Managers: Impartiality and trust shown to the employees by their managers will create a culture of engagement in the workgroup, ensuring a collective, organized effort in serving customers.
Resources: When employees feel they have the resources they need to do their jobs well, they are more involved in their customer service.
HR Policies: Organizations that ensure their HR management systems promote customer satisfaction—who gets hired, how they are trained, what is measured in performance management—produce customer-focused engagement.
 When employees are satisfied and engaged, the outcome is deeper customer connections and an raised customer experience.