The future-readiness of your HRMS is important

In the state of affairs of modernization and technological advancements, organizations are heavily dependent upon the innovations in the field of Information Technology. Every other day we can read about the new inventions. These innovations have opened new doors for the organizations and provided them with customized solutions to improve organizational functionality.
Human resource management is fast evolving and application of these new ideas and inventions has revolutionized the way human department functions. Gone are the days when HR department was not given due to recognition. HR environment has witnessed a steep rise in the adoption of advanced technology. Nowadays organizations are using all sorts of stellar technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, smart apps to improve process execution, employee experience and reform the traditional HR practices.

Source: Deloitte HRIS workshop session 4 by Abdella Elbekry/ Predo Crespo

Today, managing a successful team is not merely dependent upon tracking individual’s progression, issuing salaries on time, giving a point based performance evaluation. Standard HR practices are no longer enough. Now, HR market is reinventing itself and it is very important for the organizations to know about the key modules that an HRMS must have for successful, efficient and happy workplace.

Recruitment Module: Recruiting is a very costly and time consuming task. Organizations should set it as a top priority while HRMS selection process. HRMS makes the recruitment process more transparent and easier. It allows companies to reach out to a wider pool of candidates to find out the best talent. It makes the hiring process more collaborative. With Qandle’s recruitment module you can easily make new job requisitions, onboard and welcome new hires, schedule interviews, give feedbacks to the candidates, access insightful analytics to make better data driven decisions. Use of HRMS in recruitment process increases retention rate, productivity and efficiency. Do ensure such a module is available in the solution you opt for.
Training and Development Module:  According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends survey more than 8 out 10 respondents cited learning as “very important”. Today employees demand training and development because it helps them to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge and abilities. The training and development module should be such that it devises training according to role, personal development and individual needs. It should proactively carry out succession planning, assess role based competencies, obtain employees’ feedback on training, has powerful reporting functionality. Training and development provides both the individual and organizations as a whole with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

Performance Management: Team Management is now more dynamic. The way goals are set, tracked and managed has changed as well. Performance Management has become more collaborative, it is no longer a standalone process but is now integrated with talent management. It has become more transparent with real time feedback and analytics. Qandle offers transparent goal setting and tracking functionality, robust progress tracking and assessment mechanisms, seamless employee appraisals. It is a comprehensive tool that gathers advanced analytics and deliver these insights on a larger scale to make the decision making process less biased and more streamlined.

Workforce Management: Typical workforce is changing drastically. Organizations need to manage their employees, contingent workers properly for efficiency, better productivity and reduced costs. Workforce management incorporates forecasting of workload, scheduling, managing working times and accounts, analysis and monitoring the whole process. Choose a like software like which can effectively and seamlessly perform these core functions.

Mobile Interface: Transforming the workplace starts with adopting mobile technology. According to a survey by World at Work 2013, 14% of the companies interviewed were actively paying for access to mobile devices. Today’s mobile technology lets you push information, updates and tasks to the person so that it can be addressed at the right moment i.e. when it is relevant for the person’s job. You can not only send reminders and alerts but can also enhance corporate communication by polling, crowdsourcing across the organization. Now employees can easily track their leaves, submit requests, manage their compliances just in one click. Now HRMS alone is not enough but a software with robust mobile interface is the need of the hour.

As technology continues to transform the world, HR department must be a part of that change, embracing automation and other technologies to transform the workplace. Adopt a solution which offers these critical modules for greater efficiency, good customer service and significant cost savings.


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